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Andy was born in 2005 while I was on a plane from New York to Dallas. The in-flight movie was “Mrs. Potter”, which was about Beatrix Potter who wrote and illustrated the classic story Peter Rabbit.

The very first line in the movie was “You never quite know where a story will lead you.”

Immediately after hearing her statement, something incredibly inspiring clicked in me and - Andy, the little seed was born.

I wrote the first story about Andy while the plane was landing. At the time, I did not realize how timely his story of compassion for helping others truly was.

I have been writing Andy stories the past six years. Now, Andy’s journeys will finally be shared with children everywhere.

This book series is about Andy, a compassionate, fun-loving dandelion seed that travels the world helping people discover solutions to their problems. The series teaches children how to brave difficulties and inspires them to help others.

In this first book, Andy meets a mouse who is very, very sad because all the other mice are laughing and teasing him.

Find out how Andy helps him!

Alan Keith


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